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We believe that a well balanced life involves taking care of all aspects of your being holistically, which in turn improves your relationship with others & the world around you.

As 60% of our waking hours are spent at work, it’s encouraging to see that forward thinking organisations, business leaders & managers are noticing a correlation between the health of their employees & productivity.


According to a recent survey by Tower’s Watson, there is a direct relationship between the health of your work force, work behaviour, attendance & job performance. If any aspect of your employees health is compromised so will their overall performance at work. As a result, 69% of leading organisations are making it a priority to bolster their health & well-being programme over the next two years.

‘Absence is still a significant drain on British businesses. At a time when companies are striving for growth it is vital they address this cost by looking for ways to improve employees’ health, morale and motivation. Forward-looking companies will invest in health & wellbeing services to tackle the issue before absence starts to hit their bottom lines’

Jon Andrews, HR Consulting Lead at PWC


It’s imperative that organisations understand how important it is to assist their employees in being healthier.

We can assist you in supporting the health & happiness of your staff members by working with you to curate & deliver a corporate well-being programme that will support their health & happiness with treatments delivered either onsite, at their homes or at our treatment room. 

Get in touch with us to find out more about our:

  •  One off corporate wellbeing experiences
  •  20 minute meditation lunch break sessions
  •  Employee Corporate  well-being packages

Or we can discuss your organisations needs & devise a programme tailored to your business, your employees & your objectives.

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